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P&I Waste - The Safest Solution   Better & Safer by Design    

P & I Waste provide 'the safest solution' for disposal of sharps, clinical and infectious waste.  Following is our range of products and features that make us the number one solution for all clinical waste.

>> Safety Neck
Built in Needle Notch Removal System
>> Colour Coding and Labelling
>> Disposal
>> Storage
>> Quick Release Straps
>> Trolleys
>> Mounting Frames
>> Heavy Duty Metal Syringe Safety Cases
>> Base Brackets
>> Mountings
>> Lockable Plastic Wall Mount with a Key
>> Lockable Wall Mounting Frame
>> Wall Straps

Base brackets
Ideal for all requirements - can be easily secured with double sided tape to bench tops in high or low traffic areas. The 250ml variety is versatile and can be easily incorporated into doctors transit cases.

The 500ml offers a safe and simple alternative for personnel required to carry clinical waste containers in their glove boxes.

IMPORTANT - the 8 litre medical waste container is designed to be used with universal brackets - wall mounted cradle, support strap or base bracket at all times for support, and is not recommended to be free standing.

Lockable plastic wall mount with a key
The 8 litre medical waste container can be installed securely by utilising the lockable plastic wall mount.

Lockable wall mounting frame
The frame can be secured to a wall and then locked closed with a padlock.

Wall straps
These wall straps enable the container to be attached to a wall but easily removed for replacement, and are ideal for non secure areas.


Download our product range with full technical specifications
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PDF Logo

Sharps Containers Brochure (outside)

Sharps Containers Brochure (inside)


6 pack container
Introducing the new personal 6 Pack.  Click here to view full product details.

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